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What I offer:

  • Business Strategy
  • Branding Diagnostic
  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Plans
  • Goal Setting
Work with me
Work with me

Free Consultation

I know that you are working hard to build the business you have always dreamed of, but sometimes it doesn’t always feel so dreamy.  If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or lacking clarity let’s discuss the right next steps for you and your business.

By understanding how you are feeling, where your business is at, and where it needs to be, I will build a plan to get you there.  Giving you the confidence to move forwards and reignite the love for your business.

If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, I’d love to chat.  

Contact me today to arrange your free consultation. We can work together face to face if you are local to Warwickshire, or online if this is more convenient for you!

Work with me

Breakthrough Hour - From £99

This 1 hour session breaks down the area in your business that feels like it’s not working. 

It’s the perfect solution when you need it.  My recommendations will provide you with the steps to move forward and breakthrough the area in your business that is holding you back….Because we don’t always get the response we are looking for help from to our family , friends or the dog!

If you are feeling stuck and have too many ideas, the Breakthrough Hour will give you the chance to press pause. We will work through the options that feel right for you and your business,  giving you the clarity you need and the confidence to grow. 

Breakthrough the overwhelm that’s holding you back!

Work with me

The Start-Up Sessions

This 3 session package is perfect for you if are launching a business from scratch.

I will give you the skills you need, exactly when you need them!  Walking you through the important considerations that so many business owners don’t look at, and then wonder why they have ended up with a business that wasn’t quite what they wanted.

We will work through,  who and what your customer wants from your product or service, giving you confidence to own your space in the market.  Get to grips with your numbers, so that they feel simple and manageable layering on an  uncomplicated marketing plan to grow sales.

If you are going to build something special… you might need to ask for help!

Work with me

Clarity Coaching Package

Your business doesn’t have to be broken to use a business coach, sometimes you need clarity, direction or a commercial mind to help take your business to the next stage, I can help.

I’ll work with you across 6 sessions to dig deep into those areas of your business that need focus, to identify opportunities, and build your confidence to set clear goals and make crucial decisions that will drive your business forward. 

Listening to your needs and inspiring you to be brave, I am always on hand to support and encourage you every step of the way.  My recommendations are straightforward and manageable for you to implement because you sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day of it all!

You’ll will come away from each session excited, energized and motivated with the confidence to move forwards and reignite the love for your business.

Together we will create the change you want!

Work with me

Dig Deep Half A Day

Grab a coffee for this one…. 4 hours, just for you to focus on your business!

This session works if we are in the same place, away from day-to-day business distractions. It’s a really quick and convenient way to break down the areas in your business that are holding you back. When you just need to clear the fog and strategize, because two heads are better than one!

I’ll work with you to dig deep and identify how to scale or make important changes, ensuring that you put money and energy into the right areas. Through scenario planning and thought leadership you will discover the right direction to take your business to the next stage.

You will come away from the session feeling energised (and that’s not just the coffee!) with strategic business advice for real growth!

Happy Clients

"When I came across Alice I was seeking guidance in my business because it was coming up to a change which would see the business incur more overheads and I also wanted help focusing on what mattered in my business and what would drive growth. Working with Alice has focussed on getting real clarity on what my business is and who it serves, alongside being real about financial side of things mapped against time available. From this foundational starting point we have focussed on a number of aspects of the business including me launching in a new premises and my marketing strategies. Everything is related back to concrete actions, there are no airy lofty concepts with no idea how to put them into practice. At the same time Alice is very down to earth and never forgets the human side of running a business especially a service based one and always takes the time to find out how I am on a personal level. After our sessions I feel like I’ve had a great chat with a best friend in business. I always feel empowered but also organised and focussed with a clear plan of the next steps to take. As a type A personality this is key for me. Working with Alice has helped me tune out some of the noise and overwhelm that can happen when you are juggling multiple strands of life and business and given me a supportive environment with clear guidance to be able to really work hard on what matters in my business so it will grow"
Work with me
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