Giving you and your business the confidence to show up

Growing a successful business can be exhilarating, exhausting, exciting and challenging – all at once.

But it doesn’t all need to be done alone. Whether you’re launching a business from scratch, or feeling stuck, in need of clarity, direction or a commercial mind to help take your business to the next stage, I can help.

I’ll work with you to dig deep into those areas of your business that need focus, to identify opportunities, and build your confidence to set clear goals and make crucial decisions that will drive your business forward.

If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, I’d love to chat.

Initial consultation is free (and I’ll even treat to a cup of Yorkshire Tea!)


My promise and values

I believe in:

Being flexible, efficient and effective to provide you with an excellent service

Listening to your needs/encouraging you to be brave
Working together to hit your goals
Supporting and encouraging you every step of the way
Motivating you to keep at it

Happy Clients

"During my Breakthrough Hour Alice was giving me advice and tips within a couple of minutes of sitting down. She seemed to understand and absorb everything about my business instantly and offered friendly, actionable and non-judging advice. With a business in its awkward toddler phase, there is a lot of jargon and intimidation from some advice or online content, but Alice encouraged and inspired me whilst keeping things grounded and not being too fluffy or offering 'patronising pat on the back' encouragement. I would absolutely recommend Alice to anyone at any stage in their business as her knowledge and adaptability to your situation is amazing!"
Bracken Design
My coaching sessions with Alice have been invaluable since deciding to start my own business…I’m switched on and know a decent amount about business but things just felt different when it was all mine! I needed someone to talk things through with to build myself a plan and stop some of the overwhelm. Alice helped draw out my main concerns and then really simply broke everything down so I felt comfortable, setting some really tangible actions and next steps. Alice is really patient, no question is a stupid one but she does push you to think rationally with your business brain on which I needed. It’s so easy when you have a million ideas in your head to go off on a tangent but Alice keeps you on track. I know she will be an amazing support to me and my future business success"
Move Pilates
"I wouldn't be able to achieve my dream of opening a cafe without Alice's business guidance!  When I first met Alice, I had a vision. My regular business meetings with Alice held me accountable and guided me step-by-step all the way. Starting a business can be overwhelming but with Alice's business coaching, I felt empowered and confident as she made me do the essential but boring bits (research, financials, etc) that otherwise I would never have done! I cannot recommend Alice enough!!”
Cafe Desa
"Alice was open, approachable and positive, a real breath of fresh air. Her talk at our event was inspiring and engaging and we have had such great feedback on her from our delegates. Alice went above and beyond”
Muddy Stilettos
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